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Love is the most wonderful dessert in the world. In the spring of 1927, a grand dinner was being prepared at SI Manor to celebrate the wedding of Ms, the Earl's beloved daughter. Ls, a 19 year old boy, is desperately making cakes in the kitchen. The sweet smell of cakes always makes him happy. Thinking of maybe the last time to do it for her, L could not help but feel bitter. Two years ago, he was sent to the manor by his father, a blacksmith, and apprenticed to the manor chef. On the most exhausting and difficult days, K appeared like a dessert in his life, bringing sweetness to his first love. Ls was born in a low status but cowardly protected his secret love. Just as he was distressed about how to confess, the news that K was forced to marry in Luxembourg came like a sinister wind. There was a dinner party in that day before K left the manor. A quick wits idea occurred to Ls mind at the crucial moment. He used the iron casting skill which was learned from his father to make dies. He molded the pastry into a heart shape with K's name and placed it in front of her seat to convey his love. At the end of the story, K and Ls left the manor to pursuit their love. Nobody knows whether K understood the hint of Ls or they love each other in the earlier time before that day. After so many years, Ls love still left in the baking mold he has cast. The sweetness will be pass on by the brand silikolove to more diners in the future.